Calling all Kevin Smith fans, Mooby's is coming to Detroit for real.

It's not often that I get excited about something like this, but I will definitely be trying to get tickets to go eat at Mooby's this summer. Jay and Silent Bob fans can now try some food from Mooby's for real.

If you have seen 'Dogma,' 'Clerks,' or are even somewhat aware of the happenings in the Jay and Silent Bob universe, you know that Mooby's restaurant pops up in a lot of the movies. Now, you will be able to actually try it for real this summer.

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When and where will I be able to try Mooby's?

The Mooby's pop up restaurant will make its' debut for a limited time in Detroit. Fans will find the restaurant at Tin Roof, which is located at 47 East Adams Avenue in Downtown Detroit. You will be able to visit the restaurant in real life from Tuesday, July 6th through Tuesday, July 20th.

Are tickets required to eat at Mooby's?

Yes. Fans will have to purchase tickets in advance to have their chance at trying the food. Tickets are $29 each and all sales are final. If you can't go, don't worry, you will still be able to transfer your ticket to someone else.

What is included with my ticket?

Each ticket will get fans a Mooby's Meal with your selections of a Moo Main and Salt Lick Side. Mooby's Soda, Mooby's x Motorworks Beer, additional salt lick side items, desserts, and new merchandise will be available to order in advance or purchased upon pickup.

To buy your tickets or to see more info, click here. 

To get you in the mood here is one of my favorite openings from a movie ever. The disclaimer at the start of 'Dogma' is the best!


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