There's a major eyesore on Flint's east side that residents have been complaining about for years and that would be Kirkwood mobile home park.

Those complaints could be coming to an end if all goes according to plan. 4th Ward Councilwoman, Kate Fields says "What we want to do is get that trailer park cleaned out and then adopt that lot as a park and probably the Potter Longway Neighborhood Association would help do an adopt a park."

According to ABC 12, Kirkwood has served as a one stop shop for drug dealers, squatters, illegal dumping and more. Banana 101.5's Tree Riddle said "We used to live near this park, and one time I saw a woman "squating" (aka taking a dump) next to the Kirkwood building with the sign on it... in broad daylight."

There's no word yet on how long it will be before the demolition gets underway.

There are so many areas of Flint that are in desperate need of this same kind of treatment. I posted a video earlier this week of some of those rundown neighborhoods.



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