Flint probably does need a superhero, but I don't think some dude in a mask is going to get the job done. Flint based "real life superhero" Bee Sting was arrested back in April for an incident involving a firearm, check out the details of his sentencing.
About a year ago we first heard of the masked vigilante Bee Sting, a member of the Michigan Protectors, a group of everyday people who donned costumes and tried to make a difference by fighting crime in their own communities. Bee Sting was trying to do just that in Burton when he was involved in an incident at the Twin Meadows mobile park, leading to a shot gun going off and over 100 days in jail for the so called super hero.

Bee Sting, real name Adam Besso, was patrolling the trailer park with other members of the Michigan Protectors when a resident pulled in on his motorcycle, revving the engine. Bee Sting approached the man about the bike and somehow or another, Bee Sting's shot gun went off, hitting a vacant trailer. Police arrested Bee Sting in April, and have kept Besso behind bars ever since.

Besso was sentenced today, working out a plea deal where he plead guilty to misdemeanor, receiving 24 months of parole, and handing over his mask, body armor, and gun. Besso was quoted in court "My attitude and the attitude of some other people led to this incident and I apologize for that".

Bee Sting had a slightly different tone on his facebook page, claiming he was unconstitutionally detained, charged and sentenced.

ABC 12 – WJRT – Flint, MI
Source: ABC12