Shady Acres Mobile Home Park is an absolute dump and Flint residents are sick and tired of having to look at it every day.

The abandoned 196 lot property is located off Western Rd. in Flint and according to ABC12, its' been owned by the Genesee County Land Bank since 2015 after being foreclosed on. This place is a disgusting mess with broken glass and trash everywhere. Some of the trailers are also burned out and covered with graffiti.

Residents that live nearby should not have to look at this every freaking day. Apparently, the Land Bank says it's not at the top of their priority list. Well, it should be because this is nothing more than an eyesore. This place has been a mess for years and it's time they step up and do something about it. They did tell ABC12, they currently do not have the funding to demo the park, but are in the process of looking for available funding.