You'd have to be a damn fool to miss out on this $1.01  Banana show at The Machine Shop featuring four kick-ass up-and-coming bands with headliners Kyng. Check out some of the bands' videos and see what you shouldn't be missing.

Doors are at 7p tonight, so if you're bored...Hell, even if you're not -- get your ass up to The Shop for this $1.01 show. Cheap tix, cheap drinks, and great music -- you won't find that anywhere else in town. There are four newer bands on the bill tonight -- Kyng, Edisun, Syn City Cowboys, and Black Oxygen. Since you may be unfamiliar with those names, we'll bring you up to speed.

Kyng is a Southern California hard rock outfit that is often compared to Soundgarden and Black Sabbath, but definitely blend both of those influences into a brand of unique hard rock that is their own.

NYC Based Edisun brings a mixture of alt and hard rock to the table, their self-titled album is currently available and is starting to draw radio attention nationally.

Syn City Cowboys

Black Oxygen

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