Lapeer super group Frame 42 has just released a new song today called 'Bittersweet' from their upcoming album 'Undercroft', which will drop on June 11, 2021. Like everything else due to coronovirus, the date of the album release was unfortunately pushed back. That being said, this gave the band one hell of an opportunity to work with legendary music producer Toby Wright.

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If you are not familiar, Toby Wright has worked with KISS, Alice In Chains, Metallica, 3 Doors Down, Ozzy, and countless other bands and musicians. His resume is more than impressive, and when you can impress him - you know you are doing something right. This is what Toby Wright had to say about working with Frame 42,

'Frame 42 is definitely one of the most creative and musically talented bands I have worked with in a while....... Their songs are very melodic and the way the girls share the duties of lead singer, takes the "Fleetwood Mac" school of songwriting to a whole new level.  I'm VERY proud to have the opportunity to work with this band.'

That quote speaks volumes on the talent of this young band. I have had the opportunity to watch them live and was beyond impressed. Unfortunately due to COVID restrictions, I was unable to have Frame 42 in studio with me, but through the power of email, I asked the band about the new EP 'Undercroft' and what it was like for them working with Toby Wright,

'Our new EP, Undercroft, is a collection of seven songs that reflect a period of transformation for us as a band. The process of writing and arranging these songs has allowed us to really define and dig into what makes our sound unique. While the songs definitely have the energy and grit representative of the classic rock genre, they also have complex harmonies and other elements that make them relevant in today’s music scene.

Working with Toby Wright has been a lot of fun.  By working on our arrangements with an eye on what our strengths are, he was able to help us define the sound that is Frame 42.  By concentrating on our characteristic vocal and musical harmonies and developing our arrangements to really showcase our dual lead vocals, he helped us uncover a more dynamic sound. The process of working with Toby was an incredible learning experience that included many 15-hour days and unconventional methods to get just the right sound.  For instance, blindfolding Michael while he played one guitar intro so that he was able to “connect” more with the song.  On another occasion, he had us play while we were in a food coma from a spaghetti meal so we were “chill” when playing a ballad!

Most importantly, we feel the songs on Undercroft accomplish what we want our music to do.  We want the listeners to make a connection with the songs whether it be because of the lyrics, musical dynamics, or energy and be left with a feeling of empowerment when it is over.'

Check out the first single 'Bittersweet' below. Frame 42 will release another song on April 9th, and a third single on May 7, 2021. You can purchase the full EP in June on the bands website. Be sure to follow Frame 42 on Instagram, TikTok, Twitter, and Facebook. This band is definitely going places.

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