I wish I had a dollar for every time I have to type the words 'I don't have kids', but I do have nieces and nephews, so I know how hard the pandemic has been on the young people in our lives. No play dates, no big birthday celebrations, and now virtual school for a lot of them.

That is why this story is so uplifting to me. A boy in Lapeer created some good during this time of despair. Justin Jones of Lapeer created his own artwork, sold it, and gave all of his earnings to Paradise Animal Rescue in Lapeer. How awesome is that?

According to Click On Detroit WDIV, Justin's goal was to raise $24 dollars. I am guessing you know the next part - he surpassed that goal. Justin raised $2000 dollars. That includes donations from other states as well.

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Since this story broke, I am hoping that Justin goes back to the drawing board so to speak, because I would like to buy some of his artwork too. I am guessing a lot of you feel the same. Even if we can't buy any of his 'limited editions', we can still make a donation to Paradise Animal Rescue. Here are a few options in terms of donations,

You rock Justin Jones, way to go!

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