This is one massage that did not have a happy ending. A Las Vegas masseuse is accused of stealing a clients $35,000 Rolex and watch and stashing it in her vagina!

Christine LaFave, 25, met 66-year-old, Kenneth Herold at a bar inside of the Wynn Casino. According to the arrest report, LaFave told the older gentleman that she performed 'private massages' for $300. Herold paid her and the two went to his room.

During the massage, Herold was asked to remove his watch, so she could massage his arm. Yeah, right. When the rub-down was over, the watch was gone! Hotel security and police were soon involved, with LaFave claiming Mr. Herold was mad because she refused to perform a sex act without a condom. How about trying to perform sex WITH A WATCH IN YOUR CROTCH?

Eventually the masseuse with the sly hands and time telling vagina, admitted to having placed the watch in her vagina. She was then taken to a hospital where it was removed. I am guessing the only time in her future is jail time.