Working class youth in Michigan may soon find themselves earning a lower minimum wage than their elder counterparts. This is because state lawmakers are currently working to push through a piece of legislation that would lower the minimum wage for workers under the age of twenty.

As it sands, employers have the right to pay workers under the age of 18 a percentage under the minimum wage, which is $8.15, but with the passing of the latest measure, companies could pay employees under 20 around $7.25 per hour. The measure would also eliminate the state’s training wage – currently $4.25 for those under 20-years-old.

The bill is intended to give some relief to small businesses who do not always lean on the training wage but could benefit from having a youth minimum wage.

However, there is some opposition over the proposal. Some argue that it is a slap in the face to tell 20-year-olds that while they are old enough to go to war, they do not deserve to earn an adult minimum wage.

The bill would need to receive Senate and House approval before going in front of the governor.

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