This Friday night the show will feature tribute bands playing the songs you know. I rhymed that on purpose, bro. 

Penecande Productions presents another night of local rock at The Shop! The Nightmare is Detroit's only Alice Cooper tribute show, and they will be joined by a band called P$ychotic Paradise, which is a female-fronted tribute to Tesla. I've been to several Penecande Productions tribute shows such as Crazy Babies (Ozzy Tribute), Wreking Crew (Motley Crue Tribute), and Icey/Dicey (AC/DC Tribute) and I'm always impressed by how much the bands put into their performances. Over the past few years, I've gotten to know some of the people in the band Cybil & The Beast who is also performing that night. They're awesome people and they invest a ton of their time and energy into the local scene to bring us fun nights of music where everyone's welcome. They always bring it hard with covers of some of my favorite songs, too! Smokesum N Jammsum is also a part of this show, and tickets are only $10 in advance so come on out!

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