This Saturday it looks like you'll have a new place to hang out, play pool, eat food and smoke some weed...legally.

According to NBC25, The Rec Center on North Dort Highway near East Mount Morris Road will be transformed into a marijuana-friendly entertainment center for those 21 and over.

You won't be able to buy weed or anything like that but you can bring your own to smoke. You won't be able to buy booze either but they will have food for purchase. So essentially, you're invited to come out and smoke down with friends in a chill and entertaining environment. It's kinda like taking your basement party on the road.

If you would have told me 20 years ago that we'd have a place to legally go and smoke weed with friends, I would have said you're nuts. I think it's awesome but still seems so weird to me.

This Saturday is the grand opening and they plan to have live music and a chef on hand, starting at 9 pm.

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