Due to licensing problems, over 70 marijuana dispensaries in Michigan were forced to close their doors on Wednesday.

Dispensaries throughout Michigan were given a deadline of December 31st to get licensed in Michigan after they were supposed to apply in February of last year. Even though the owners of the were upset with the application and approval process, a list of closed dispensaries made it's way to Facebook yesterday.

This list included six dispensaries within Genesee County:

  • Holistic Earth LLC/Genesee County Compassion Club
  • Vehicle City Social
  • Green Rock Cafe
  • Deez Nugs
  • Genesee Harvest Co.
  • and Green RX

You can see the complete list of closed dispensaries below. You can also check out this map of dispensaries that are still open in Michigan. Little to no warning was given to the patients and caregivers about the closing which left some of with nowhere to go. Locally, Five Star Relief, Inc., Bigfoot Wellness, and The Barn, LLC. are still operating in Genesee County.


Source: WXYZ

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