There are over 300 named rivers in the state of Michigan. Out of those 300 rivers, there are about 120 that are considered major rivers. Can you guess which one is the longest?

Many Michiganders spend their summers kayaking, canoeing, and tubing the numerous rivers that Michigan has to offer. If you live in mid-Michigan, your preferred rivers are more than likely the Rifle River or Au Sable River.

The Rifle River only runs 60 miles and the Au Sable River is 138 miles. While the Au Sable River isn't the longest in the state, it is among the top 10.

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What is the Longest River in Michigan?

The longest river in Michigan is the Grand River. It's the mother of all rivers in Michigan as it runs 252 miles from its source to the mouth.

The Grand River flows north from Jackson and hooks west toward Grand Rapids and into its eventual destination, Lake Michigan.


The Grand River runs through the cities of Jackson, Eaton Rapids, Lansing, Grand Ledge, Portland, Ionia, Lowell, Grand Rapids, and Grand Haven.

According to Wikipedia, The river was famous for its mile-long, 300-yard-wide, and 10-to-15-foot-tall rapids, for which the city of Grand Rapids was named. These rapids were submerged following the construction of numerous dams, starting in 1835.

It's too bad we don't have monster rapids like that anymore in the state and haven't for well over a century.

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10 Longest Rivers in Michigan:

1. Grand River - 252 Miles
2. Muskegon River - 216 Miles
3. St. Joseph River - 206 Miles
4. Manistee River - 190 Miles
5. River Raisin - 139 Miles
6. Au Sable River  - 138 Miles
7. Huron River - 130 Miles
8. Kalamazoo River - 130 Miles
9. Shiawassee River - 120 Miles
10. Menominee River - 116 Miles

Source: Wikipedia/World Atlas

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