When I first heard about this story I thought Charlotte’s Legendary Lobster Pound in Maine was getting lobsters high before cooking because of a flavour or edible thing ( I'm an idiot I know) or something like that but that's not quite the case. It's believed that getting the lobsters blown out before boiling them is a more humane way of killing them. I guess if you were going to boil me, I'd rather go out with a buzz too.

According to Fox News, In the restaurant’s first experiment into the process, a lobster nicknamed “Roscoe” was placed into a box with a few inches of water at the bottom, and marijuana smoke was then blown through the water, into the box.

After they experimented with Roscoe, he seemed to be a lot more chill and less aggressive and didn't attack the other lobsters in the tank. They eventually set the little stoner lobster free in the ocean as a kind of "thank you" for his weed smoking service.

The restaurant now has a special outdoor station to sedating the lobsters with THC-infused smoke, but only at the customers’ requests.

Sorry, you won't get high if you eat one of these suckers.