There are a zillion diet trends, but road kill?  Yuck!  If you can stomach the thought of eating road kill, then you may want some recipes from Jonathon McGowan.  The Englishman has been eating road kill for the last 30 years.  Everything from pigeons to rats, even badger stew!  His story will pop up in the news every few years due to curiosity about his lifestyle.  McGowan is now spreading his "health" message at schools.

The Stir is reporting that McGowan claims his diet of road kill is better, safer and healthier.  His reasoning is the meat has not been chemically treated.  I get that, but I still will take my chances.  There is no way I would eat an opossum off the side of the road.

That being said, I have no problem with actual hunting.  When I was a kid I would hunt with my dad all the time.   Deer hunting, pheasant hunting, rabbit hunting we did it all.  I do however have a problem with road kill.  Think about what this guy is possibly eating.  Raccoons, squirrels, various birds.  Yuck!

Maybe if this were a reality show contest, with a million dollar prize attached I would try.  Who am I kidding, I couldn't do it.  I will be just fine with my healthy chicken mcnuggets.  They are all white meat right?