Water can be a beautiful thing as in lakes and the oceans, but it can also be extremely dangerous and unpredictable.

A 26-year-old man recently discovered for himself how dangerous and unpredictable lake water can be as he was killed while simply walking along the lakefront of Lake Michigan.

According to ABC7, the man was pulled into the water by a wave. Nearly two hours later he was found on the shore near Oak Street Beach (Chicago). He was taken to the hospital in extremely critical condition and was later pronounced dead.

Think about that for a minute, he was just walking along the lakefront when a wave came in a swept him away just like that.

When the National Weather Service issues warnings of large waves, high winds, and flooding along lakeshore paths, people need to listen. Now there's a very good chance this guy didn't even know of the warnings but if he lived in the area, he had to be aware.