How did I not hear about these fires until now? Derek Foster is facing arson charges for setting a string of fires along the Clio Bike Path in Vienna Township. WTF?

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Foster reportedly set thirteen fires total, 12 along the bike path, and one most recently at a place deemed Dead Man’s Hill, behind the Clio Plaza in Vienna Township. According to Mlive, Foster, 30, did admit to setting the fires. This clown would ride his  bike past firefighters while the extinguished the fires.

Playing with fire is no joke. I learned my lesson when I was a kid. I used to set paper towels on fire over the kitchen sink. I am really embarrassed to admit that now. Trust me, my pyromania days did not last long. My sisters of course told on me, and I got in big trouble. Again, not proud of it - just being honest.

I have no idea why Derek Foster set these fires, I have no idea why anyone does what they do. What I do know is there is always consequences, hence my fire starter story above. I still remember my dad screaming at me, and being grounded for a very long time. To this day, I have never really been comfortable around a fire, even a campfire. I get nervous if the flames get too high.

I almost forgot, this story is not about me. As for Derek Foster, he is being charged with three felony counts of fourth-degree arson.

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