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If approved by the state, we could see marijuana-infused drinks available in Michigan.

According to MLive, Michigan’s Marijuana Regulatory Agency on Monday, Jan. 4 released anticipated guidelines for THC-infused beverages, which may be available for sale at licensed marijuana stores once approved by the state licensing agency.

Even though things haven't been approved (yet), Michigan beverage companies are already working together with marijuana companies like Skymint.

Skymint Brands Chief Brand and Product Officer Laurie Gregory:

We are thrilled about the addition of cannabis-infused beverages to Michigan’s legal recreational cannabis market. Infused beverage sales are booming in legal recreational markets around the country and for good reason. Consumers are increasingly conscious of the food and drink they consume, with many looking to cut back on alcohol, in particular.

I can honestly say that I've never tried a marijuana-infused drink but I did see them on store shelves when I was out visiting friends in Colorado last year. Apparently, Colorado, California and Oregon, have already dipped into the world of marijuana-infused drinks.

So far, the state hasn’t approved any marijuana-infused beverages for sale but it starting to sound like it's coming our way. I think we're still months away but the planets are starting to align. You won't the beverages in local party stores but you will eventually find them at marijuana shops.

Cheers to marijuana-infused drinks!

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