When it comes to snowfall, we haven't had it too bad this winter in Mid-Michigan. Some other parts of Michigan have not been as fortunate.

If you think that we have been hit hard with snow you might want to rethink that. In the U.P., the city of Marquette is on pace to set a single winter season record for snowfall. So far the town has recorded over 200 inches of snow.  To put that into perspective it's about 17 feet of that cold white stuff we all love so much. Please re-read the last part of that sentence in a sarcastic voice if you did not the first time through.

Reports from the local news station WLUC-TV have said that the snow drifts have reached the third level of windows at Nothern Michigan University's dorm rooms. On Sunday, the Negaunee Public School bus garage roof collapsed due to the snowfall, destroying the building and most of the busses within.

The National Weather Service has been keeping snowfall records since 1960. According to their data, the record amount of snowfall for Marquette was set in the winter of 2002-03 with 319 inches of snow. They are currently pacing ahead of that number. Stay strong, Marquette.

Source: freep.com

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