Kelly Stafford is not happy, and she's speaking out regarding the false positive reports on husband Matthew.

The reports were a bit confusing. First, the Detroit Lions quarterback was placed on the reserve/COVID-19 list last Saturday.  The list meant Stafford either was exposed to the virus or had tested positive. Then on Monday, the team released a statement that in-fact Stafford did test positive for the coronavirus.

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Today, the team announced that Stafford has been removed from COVID-IR list and onto the active roster because his test was a false/positive for the virus. In a statement the team said, "As a result of a False-Positive test result, he was forced due to NFL/NFLPA protocols to sit out until he received two negative tests. His testing sequence for the Pre-Entry period was: negative, negative, False-Positive. The next three tests were all negative. To be clear, Matthew does not have COVID-19 and never has had COVID-19 and the test in question was a False-Positive," the statement continued. "Also, all of Matthew's family have been tested and everyone is negative.”

With the good news you would think that would be the end of it....well not so fast. Kelly Stafford, wife of the quarterback, is not happy about how it was all handled. Kelly took to her Instagram Tuesday to voice her thoughts and explain the backlash her family has faced amid the reports that Stafford had tested positive.

In a post Stafford explained how hard the past few days have been thinking Matthew was positive, testing the entire family again and again, and then learning that it was a false /positive. The pair have 4 girls under the age of four and tension was high worried about not only Matthew, but her children as well.

It wasn't just the testing that was nerve wracking, but the fall out from the released reports that her husband was positive. Kelly Stafford writes,

"Even after we new it was a false positive, our school told us they ( the girls) were not allowed back, I was approached in a grocery store and told I was 'endangering others', my kids were harassed and kicked off a playground, I was told I was needed to wait in my ar when trying to pick up food, and people closest to us had to get tested just so they could go back to work....and that's just to name a few things"

Kelly mentions that she understands where people were coming from, but voices her frustration for the situation and puts the blame on the NFL. She writes, "I blame the NFL for not holding themselves accountable," and goes on to say, "Maybe we should be absolutely positive a person has covid before releasing that info to the world."

Kelly Stafford says she is sharing their experience with everyone because she doesn't want it happening to any other families in the league. You can read her full post below.

According to the NFL, players are being tested every day for the first two weeks of training camp.


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