MDOT has 250 snowplows ready for the road and is looking for help naming them.

The Michigan Department of Transportation has come up with pretty cool idea that schools and other organizations can participate in. There are over 250 snowplows in Michigan that need a name for an interactive map. Those interested or those who named the snowplows will be able to see where their truck is on the map while clearing the roads.

Currently, the Michigan Department of Transportation has trucks named Plowasaurus Rex, Sir Salts-A-Lot, Snowboni, and more on the road. Groups, schools, and other organizations can submit their suggested names now to try and name a truck. Those submissions can be made here.

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There are three simple guidelines when it comes to suggesting a name for a snowplow:

  1. Suggestions must be G-Rated and family friendly.
  2. Names cannot include famous, character, or brand names.
  3. Names must be submitted using this online form.  

When submitting you will need a name submission that is 50 characters or less, the name of your organization or group name, and the county that you live in. Schools and community groups are encouraged to submit a name. If their name is used, the groups can then track the snowplow and learn more about snowplowing operations, winter driving, and other things while watching.

We hoped this could be both fun and instructive and we're thrilled with the participation from students and others in the community...I love many of the suggestions, and I can’t wait to see more...said MDOT Director Paul C. Ajegba.

If you had a chance to name a snowplow with your kids, what would you name it?

Source: Michigan Department of Transportation


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