Starting this Monday, June 15th, we'll finally be able to return our empty bottles and cans to get some much-needed cash.

Now before you get too excited and start cramming every bottle and can into your vehicle, you should know that Meijer has put a few new policies in place to make life a little easier for everyone.

The main thing to know is Meijer is only allowing 250 empty bottles or cans to be returned per visit. This comes out to a total of $25 per visit to the store.

According to the Meijer website, they would like you to follow a few simple steps when returning bottles and cans:

  • Separate your bottles and cans before coming to the store to help keep the flow of customers moving.
  • Drain all cans and bottles and place them in clean bags/containers before coming to the store.
  • Only bring beverage container brands that are sold at Meijer stores.
  • Understand the maximum amount of returnable beverage containers is $25 each visit.
  • Plan accordingly before you arrive as the bottle return rooms will be busy.
  • Please be patient, practice social distancing and wear a face covering.

I know your garage is full and you want that extra cash but please be patient because you're not the only with an abundance of empties.

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I never take my empties back, I either give them to charity or put them in my recycle bin. I get too frustrated with those stupid machines that always seem to be full or breakdown when it's my turn to load my bottles and cans. Plus, the bottle return room is so freaking gross and full of the nastiest germs.

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