The intersection of Miller and Elms Road has the highest number of accidents in Swartz Creek each year. Now, Metro Police are adding a measure to remind drivers of their speed. 

Reporting traffic every day for the last ten years has definitely shown me where some of the trouble spots are in Genesee County. The intersection and area near Miller Road and Elms Road routinely pop up in my reports. Recently, Metro Police have installed a new radar detector in the area to remind drivers of their speed.

I drive down that stretch all the time and it is really easy to start cruising over the speed limit. I have to remind myself to slow down almost every time. The new radar detectors will not only remind other drivers to do the same but will also be able to count vehicles, speed limit violations, and percent of vehicles speeding.

Long story short, whether your in this area or another, just do the speed limit. It's easy.

Source: ABC 12