As 2020 continues to beat us down, we have our first haunted house to announce the cancellation of this year's season.

For those looking forward to a good scare this year, as if this year hasn't already been enough, we have our first haunted house in Michigan to announce the cancellation of this year's season. St. Charles Haunted House announced yesterday that they will be postponing their 35th haunt season until October of 2021. According to their post on Facebook, the decision was made for the health and safety of the volunteers, patrons, and community.

As you all know, the Banana Crew are great friends with the folks at Exit 13 Haunted House in Mt. Morris and we spend every weekend out there during the haunt season. I reached out to one of the owners this morning just to see how things are looking for them this year. The Exit 13 crew has always been great to us and we hope that they will be able to go on safely with their season.

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Rebecca and Derreck from Exit 13 are on the board for the Michigan Haunters Association. All the haunts are working together to make sure that they will be safe for patrons and staff and also follow all guidelines set forth by the state. Many changes will have to be made at all the haunts, capacities will need to be monitored, and more.

Rebecca also told us that they are also working with other haunted houses throughout the United States. Some haunts in other states have been able to reopen already and others are getting ready to. They are all pulling together across the nation to compare guidelines and make sure that the haunts fulfill all the protocols and guidelines in each state.

While it is uncertain what the future will hold for businesses in the State of Michigan, Exit 13, the Michigan Haunters Association, and all other haunts are working hard and adjusting to all the protocols and guidelines to give customers the safest experience possible.

So with that said, be safe, stay healthy, and let's hope we can all get back to normal soon. Plus, of the things I look forward to each year, Maggie screaming in terror inside the haunt is at the top of my list!


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