I don't get the whole "I refuse to wear a mask in public" thing. I just don't get what the big deal is. I'm sure by me saying that, our finest local scientists and researches will come out of the woodwork to explain it to me.

Some people hate wearing a mask so much that they feel it's okay to be rude to other people who are simply just trying to do their jobs.

According to the Detroit Free Press, Mexican Fiesta in Dearborn Heights has closed its dining room after two weeks of battling customers over rules requiring them to wear face masks to prevent the spread of the coronavirus.

Mexican Fiesta statement from Facebook:

"Unfortunately, there were multiple situations where our staff was disrespected and treated rudely. The safety of our customers and staff is our No. 1 priority so we have made the tough decision of closing our doors to the general public until further notice."

Apparently some customers became really aggressive with foul language and pushing. Really? Over a damn mask? Sam Alvarado, the manager said customers have been accusing the restaurant of infringing on their rights or saying it's not medically safe.

If you're not happy with a businesses' policy when it comes to wearing a mask, simply go somewhere else.

It's a health and safety issue, it has nothing to with your damn rights.

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