A Catholic high school in Dearborn is ready with "modesty ponchos" should the student come dressed inappropriately to prom.

Divine Child High School has taken steps to ensure that their female students are dressed as they deem appropriate to this year's prom. When students enter the prom, they will be assessed by the faculty. If they decide that the dress is not compliant with the formal dance dress requirements, the staff will be handing those students ponchos to cover up.

As you can imagine, the students are not happy with this. Many of them feel that Divine Child High School is using a form of shaming to make sure that the kids dress correctly.

Before everyone gets crazy, look at it from both sides. On one side, students should be allowed to wear what they want. I would just hope that all parties involved make good choices on what is appropriate for the kids. I have a daughter that will be heading to high school soon and we will make those choices too when we get to them. On the other side of the coin, it is a school function and I don't think that the faculty is wrong for having a dress code.

Dress codes are nothing new. Let's just keep the well being of the children in mind when making decisions.

Also, big thanks to Maggie for modeling a poncho even though she lost all of her modesty at 80's Prom with Ironsnake last weekend.

Source: WNEM TV 5

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