A woman in Gaylord was arrested for a DUI under the dumbest circumstances ever.

Last week, in Otsego County, Michigan, a woman was arrested by the Michigan State Police for an alcohol-related crime. When Michigan State Police stopped another woman for allegedly driving under the influence, that particular woman called a friend for help.

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Upon receiving a call for help from a friend, the unnamed Michigan woman decided to drive to where the traffic stop was to help. Unfortunately, she did not think the idea through as both women had been drinking and playing trivia prior to the stop. Once the friend arrived on the scene to help, she was also arrested for operating a vehicle while intoxicated.

I'm sure the troopers were just as amazed by what happened as us. I just picture them at the station after that and you know the conversation started with "Hey Bob, you are not going to believe what happened tonight."

Source: MSP Seventh District

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