You know you are doing something right when people start criticizing your work. It appears as though Anheuser-Busch is feeling the heat of Michigan’s craft brew community, recently attacking them in an advertisement during Super Bowl XLIX that said, “Let them sip their pumpkin peach ale, we'll be brewing us some golden suds.”

Indeed, the advertising campaign, which shows a hipster beer snob smelling his beer, was intended as a jab at the craft brew industry. And while we agree that bearded beer aficionados are some of the most annoying characters we have encountered in a long time, we believe AB’s attack validated the craft brew community and perhaps even showed that major brewing companies might be taking it up the keyster a bit because of the products distributed by independent brew houses.

However, rather than take AB’s insult as a compliment, Michigan brewers unleashed an attack of their own , with a parody of the Budweiser Super Bowl commercial that suggested, “we will savor our hundreds of styles, you keep pushing your one."

At the end of the day, there are enough beer drinkers in the world to sustain both major and independent brewing companies...and for the consumer, the competition is a Godsend. Full blown sudsaholics can enjoy mass consumption of what has been labeled "piss water" for cheap, while the brew snobs can spend $15+ for a six pack. So, sniff your beer and relish in every sip or guzzle it indiscriminately by the case. In the end, we are all gunning for the same effect -- to get buzzed and enjoy ourselves.


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