Talk about a Pure Michigan week, and it is only Tuesday. Yesterday I told you about a board game based on Burton, Michigan - 'Burton Opoly', and today another Michigan city is getting noticed.

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Kalamazoo took the number one spot on a list of the 'Coolest Places with the Lowest Cost of Living in the United States'. In layman's terms, K-ZOO is awesome and it won't cost you a fortune to live there.

According to MLive, the top 10 list of cities was put together by Pure Wow. There was some cross referencing involved with a cost of living company (blah,blah,blah). Also taken into account was the culture, food, drink, and arts. Now that is something I can understand.

You know something, I don't even know if I have ever even been to Kalamazoo. If I was there, I don't recall (which is entirely possible). Have you been there? Do you have any recommendations as to what to do or see? I know options are limited right now, but I am not opposed to dining in somewhere, and walking around to see some sites (bars).

Kalamazoo may have taken the number one spot, but there are 9 additional cities that round out the top 10 list. They are as follows,

  • 2. Knoxville, TN
  • 3. Fayetteville, AR
  • 4. Oklahoma City, OK
  • 5. Savannah, GA
  • 6. Des Moines, IA
  • 7. Green Bay, WI
  • 8. Indianapolis, IN
  • 9. Huntsville, AL
  • 10. Greenville, SC

I would love to say or think, that I will visit the above cities - but most likely I will not. However, I will make it a point to visit Kalamazoo in the very near future.

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