There's a winter storm brewing that could sweep through Michigan this week. The question is, where and how brutal will it get?

When it comes to snow, you have to admit, we've had it pretty good this winter season. The only snowstorm that Genesee County residents faced was back in late December.

We did see some snow over the weekend but it was nothing that we would consider overwhelming. Heck, most Michiganders didn't even have to break out the snow shovels.

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How Much Snow Will Michigan Get This Week?

According to Fox 2 Detroit, the next system that will hit Michigan is already building out west with the beginnings of a system building over the lower Rocky Mountains. It could bring somewhere between three and five inches to southeast Michigan, though those totals could change.

As of right now, Genesee County is expected to see 1 to 3" of snow, but again, that could change at any moment. Meteorologists are watching the storm system closely.

MLive is reporting that the storm track will be very active now through at least the end of January. It looks like Lower Michigan will be in line for at least three accumulating snows in the next 10 days.

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If we do get hit with a snowstorm this week, hopefully, it's nothing like the 'Great Blizzard of 78' which dumped a ton of snow on Michigan 45 years ago this week. There were parts of lower Michigan that got pounded with 36" of snow. Yeah, I don't think we'll have to concern ourselves with anything like this week.

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