Which Michigan counties have the highest property taxes? Find out here.

As they say, the two certainties in life are death and taxes. Some people in these Michigan counties may want to die when their taxes are due. Below you will find the 16 most expensive Michigan counties to live in when it comes to Michigan property taxes.

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A recent article from H&R Block just listed the Median Annual Real Property Tax Payment for every county in the state. The numbers are not too bad if you live in Luce or Oscoda counties. Residents in Luce County have an average annual payment of $992 and residents in Oscoda County pay $901.

The Top 16 MI Counties with the Most Expense Property Taxes (the Median Annual Real Property Tax Payment)

  1. Washtenaw - $4,079
  2. Oakland - $3,429
  3. Ingham - $2,761
  4. Livingston - $2,681
  5. Kalamazoo - $2,576
  6. Macomb - $2,570
  7. Clinton - $2,521
  8. Eaton - $2,411
  9. Kent - $2,385
  10. Ottawa - $2,364
  11. Wayne - $2,359
  12. Grand Traverse - $2,348
  13. Midland - $2,282
  14. Leelanau - $2,244
  15. Allegan - $2,057
  16. Lenawee - $2,011

The other 67 counties in Michigan have a Median Annual Real Property Tax Payment of less than $2,000.

At the top of the list, we have Washtenaw County. The population of Washtenaw County is 372,258 according to the 2020 census. The largest employers in the county are the University of Michigan, Trinity Health, the United States Federal Government, Ann Arbor Public Schools, and Faurecia North America. Washtenaw County is made up of cities such as Ann Arbor, Saline, Chelsea, Ypsilanti, and more.

In case you're wondering, the money collected from these taxes is used for first responders and other law enforcement, general government services, services like garbage pickup, recreational services, and more.

Source: H&R Block

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