April is Sexually Transmitted Diseases Awareness month and the Michigan Department of Community Health recommends that all sexually active adults get tested.  Check out how you can keep your genitals safe.

Statistics on STDs are alarming and Genesee county has been hit with more cases than the statewide average.  According to a study from the Genesee County Health Department, Genesee has almost 3 times the amount of chlamydia and gonorrhea infections when compared to other counties.  Which is why it's so important for people who are sexually active to get tested.

"Because STDs often do not have recognizable symptoms, being tested is the only way to determine if you've contracted an STD or not," said Olga Dazzo, director of the Michigan Department of Community Health.

There are a lot of different routes to go when being tested, but anybody who has been sexually active should get it done.  Most diseases are curable or manageable and could help avoid some serious long term problems, including a higher risk of HIV infection, infertility, and certain cancers are caused by STDs. And don't worry guys, they don't have to shove a Q-Tip up your wiener anymore.

For more info on how to get checked, talk to your doctor and check out:


Center for Disease Control

Planned Parenthood

Source: MLive.com