Do you like camping and having the bejesus scared out of you? If you answered yes to both questions -- you need to be at Camp Hatchet. Get all the details for this fun, scary, and unique camping event here!

The Legend

Legend has it that 12 camp counselors disappeared from the about-to-open Camp Hummingbird on the night of September 12th, 1991. The camp was never officially opened after the disappearances went unsolved, but locals laid blame on a local urban legend about a bloodthirsty family that inhabited the vast, nearby forest -- the Hatchet Family. Years would pass and the legend of that night grew stronger, as the area became largely known as "Camp Hatchet" to locals.

The Event

The folks at Michigan Fear Camp recently purchased the campground and will be hosting a fun and scare-filled horror themed camping experience at Camp Hatchet on September 12, 2015. The air will be filled with screams as the notoriously creepy location adds to all the scares being packed into the unforgettable night. Interested parties that are brave enough to attend will have their choice of three camping areas, with each one offering a more intense scare level. For safety reasons, attendees will be bussed from Mount Morris, MI to an undisclosed part of the camp. There is no other event like this in Michigan and is a must for fans of horror and haunted attractions.

Do You Have What It Takes to Survive Camp Hatchet?

If you are 18 or older and think you have guts to survive a night in the woods with the Hatchet family, click below for more details and buy tickets now or head to There is a lot of buzz about the event and you don't want to miss your chance!