Time to do strange things with weird people.

This weekend, Michigan will see a very unique festival in Charlotte. A Festival of Oddities is set to take place on Saturday at Courthouse Square Museum. The Festival of Oddities will feature the Macabre Marketplace, Food Truck Row, Living Library, special guests, attractions, and more.

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Macabre Marketplace

The Macabre Marketplace with feature artists, creators, and small business owners that specialize in strange life. Those artists and creators include Poking Dead Things, Drop Dead Dolls, Oddly Ends, Wild Drawn Art, Decompositions: Corpsed Creations, Deadtime Stories, Thrift Witch, Scream Prints, Tammy's Crypt Art, and more.

Food Truck Row

Grab some food on Harris Street from vendors like Hero or Villain, La Fajita, Big Cheezy Grill, Picnic: A Food Truck, Kona Ice, MI Drinks, Fire and Rice, and more.

Living Library

The Living Library will feature authors from all over Michigan that specialize in Crime, Paranormal, and Horror. These authors include Jenn Carpenter, Tobin T. Buhk, Kat Tedsen, Nicole Beauchamp, John Robinson, Roxanne Rhoads, Allison Spooner, Exie Susanne Smith, and more.

Special Guests

Special guests that will be attending the festival include:

  • Nina Innsted - host of Already Gone podcast
  • Jenn Carpenter - host of So Dead podcast
  • Paranormal Investigator Ken Suminski - founder of Portal Paranormal Society
  • Tobin T. Buhk - best-selling author about true crime in Michigan
  • Exie Susanne Smith - world-renowned spiritual medium, energy reader, and best-selling author

A Festival of Oddities takes place this Saturday, September 4th, 2021 at Courthouse Square Museum at 100 W. Lawrence Ave in Charlotte. The festival is scheduled to run from 11 am until 6 pm.

Source: A Festival of Oddities

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