Gas prices continue to drop around the state as Thanksgiving approaches.

According to WXYZ and AAA Michigan, the average price in the state dropped 7 cents as many prepare for the Thanksgiving holiday. That's 6 cents less than this time last month and 54 cents less than this time last year.

The most expensive gas on average is up in Marquette at roughly $2.14 a gallon. It's looking like you'll find the cheapest of gas prices in the state right here in Flint with the average price per gallon at around $1.91.

  • Most expensive gas price averages: Marquette ($2.14), Metro Detroit ($2.01), Ann Arbor ($2.01)
  • Least expensive gas price averages: Flint ($1.91), Benton Harbor ($1.92), Traverse City ($1.93)

Adrienne Woodland, spokesperson, AAA:

As demand remains low, motorists in Michigan are seeing the lowest Thanksgiving week pump prices in five years.

One thing I never do is look at gas prices, I just don't pay attention. I find that regardless of price, I have to put gas in my truck when needed. If gas prices are up, I'm still going to have to get gas and same goes when prices are down.

If you are someone that pays close attention to gas prices, this is good news for you.

Another reason I won't pay much attention to gas prices this year is because of the fact that we aren't going anywhere. We are staying home and not spending time with family as suggested by the CDC.

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