A 12-year-old Detroit girl was recently hospitalized with severe burns after attempting one of those dumb challenges you see on YouTube. In this particular case, it was the 'fire challenge' that was attempted by this young girl.

In case you were unaware, the 'fire challenge' involves people dousing themselves in rubbing alcohol, lighting themselves on fire, and then jumping into a tub or shower to extinguish the fire. I know it sounds stupid as hell but apparently, kids are actually doing this.

According to Fox2, Timiyah Landers and her two girlfriends were hanging out at her Detroit home on Friday after mother Brandi made them pancakes and went to take a nap. Minutes later, Brandi said she heard a small explosion. Her daughter ran up the hallway to her mother and was on fire from basically the knees up. Her mother and mother's fiance threw her in the bathtub and put out the fire with water.

This girl is now bandaged from head-to-toe and in intensive care with burns over 49 percent of her body. All of this because she attempted something so dumb and dangerous.