Michigan has to be one of the worst place in the United States to spend time in prison. In addition to a plethora of controversial cases involving Aramark Correctional Services in 2014, a new report indicates the food service provider has been feeding inmates food chewed on by rats.

According to the Detroit Free Press, a series of emails released earlier this week, reveals that prisoners were forced to eat cake that had been gnawed on by rodents. The messages, which were obtained by the group Progress Michigan under the Freedom of Information Act, states that an inmate "reported to custody staff that he was ordered to serve cake that had evidence of rodents eaten from it."

"The Aramark employee allegedly ordered him to cut the sides off the cake ... and serve it to the population," wrote Corrections Department official Dawn Livermore in an e-mail. "I'm heading into work now to assess the mood of the population and address any situation concerns."

"Unbelievable!" replied Warden Jeffrey Larson. "Thanks for handling the situation."

The emails suggest that after the inmate was told to cut the sides off cakes, he was ordered to “put frosting on” them to avoid arousing suspicion.

This situation is still being investigated.

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