A northern Michigan was recently charged after a child tested positive for drugs. Not just a child but a little 9-month-old baby.

There's a lot of questions surrounding this heartbreaking story but I'm going to fill you in with the information that we have right now.

According to Mid-Michigan Now, Clare County investigators and Clare County Child Protective Services were called to the Bertha Lake area on Sunday after a 9-month-old baby tested positive for methamphetamine at a Mount Pleasant hospital.

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I'm not really sure why the child was tested in the first place or how it came about that he/she was in the hospital but whatever the reason, it led to Child Protective Services and the Clare County Sheriff’s Office to begin an investigation.

Police searched the child's residence in the Bertha Lake area of Lincoln Township in Clare County. There they found a lot of crystal meth which was seized by police. 47-year-old Jason Jones was arrested in connection with the drugs. The investigation led police to a second home where again they found more drugs including meth.

It's not clear what this scumbag's relationship is to the child. I don't believe it's the father.

ABC12 reported that this loser was arraigned on two counts of delivering or manufacturing meth and one count of maintaining a drug house.

I have so many freaking questions about this. Where is the child's mother? How did the child end up in the hospital? How did the child end up ingesting the drugs? Who the hell is this guy? Why was the child in the presence of this dude?

If I were to guess, I'd say this guy is the boyfriend of the mother or something along those lines. Either way, it's a messed up situation and I hope this baby doesn't end up with any long term effects.

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