82-year-old Richard Gale Pierce was arrested this week in Cheboygan, Michigan for killing his wife back in 1975.

He's being charged with the murder which took place in Wisconsin even though they never found her body.

According to ABC12, Pierce has claimed his wife left him. According to a criminal complaint, Pierce had the opportunity to kill his wife, and motives including monetary gain. The complaint outlines a likely abusive nine-year marriage.

I'm not sure why it took police four decades to finally charge this guy with first-degree murder and disinterment of the dead. I'm sure this old dude thought he was in the clear and would never get caught. Hell, I bet when was in his 60s he was thinking that.

I'd really like to know more about this story, I always find this stuff so fascinating. It's a story that I bet they could use on one of those crime investigations shows on tv.