I have never once in my life thought to use the lucky numbers you find inside a fortune cookie to play the lottery. Usually, I just look at the fortune then throw it away and never give it a second thought. I should probably change my way of thinking.

According to WXYZ,  An Ypsilanti man matched the Fantasy 5 numbers drawn Friday and won $351,180.

The 61-year-old man used numbers from a fortune cookie that he'd gotten a long time ago. He's been playing the same numbers for a long time and doesn't even remember when he got the cookie containing the winning numbers.

I guess fortune cookies really do bring good luck, especially to a man that was smart enough to keep playing the same numbers for years simply because he thought they looked like lucky numbers.

There's been a lot of lucky lotto winners in Michigan lately. I think the luckiest guy was the one from Genesee County that won two Club Keno drawings in one week.