Some people have all the luck, especially a Genesee County man who recently won two Club Keno drawings in a week. Twice in one week, are you freaking kidding me?

According to ABC12, a 53-year-old anonymous player collected a $10,000 prize. A week later, he won more than $145,000 in a Club Keno The Jack drawing while he dined at Cardinal Country Pizza on Ellis Road in Millington.

I wonder if this is the same person the recently won $10,000 at Blondies Food and Spirits? I play all the time on my phone with the Michigan Lottery app and last week I saw someone had won at Blondies. Of course, I never win crap.

The extremely lucky dude had this to say: "When I couldn't cash the ticket at the restaurant, I knew I had a jackpot winner. It's a weird feeling because you never expect to win this much, especially after just winning $10,000. We just feel so lucky to have won."