I think most of us are familiar with service animals. More often than not, service animals are dogs - but that is not always the case. Say hello to a Michigan mini service horse.

Freckle Butt Fred, recently made his first flight from Grand Rapids to California. The Fremont, Michigan mini horse is part of an organization called Little Horses Big Smiles. According to their website, they are a non profit group, that provides animal assisted therapy and activities to various type of health facilities, schools, and other special events.

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As you can/will see in the video above, Fred is totally house trained. That is quite an accomplishment. Be sure to watch the entire news piece before you make any judgment on Fred flying as a service animal. Fred's handler and trainer is well aware of bogus service animal claims - and is against people taking advantage of a situation, just to travel with their pets.

I don't know what is right or wrong in terms of service animals flying. I hate flying period. The only thing that calms me during flight is a cocktail.




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