Michigan really needs this restaurant chain to open in the state.

One of the best things about traveling is getting to try new food and experiences. Every state has its own batch of restaurants with tasty food that can really make a trip way more memorable and fulfilling. This restaurant is one of those places.

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After a recent trip to South Carolina, my friends and I found an amazing place just off of Folly Beach. It was simply called Taco Boy and the food was amazing! The menu was incredible and offered 17 different taco options along with many other great options. We all ended up getting something different and we all loved it!


If you ever find yourself in North or South Carolina, make it a goal to visit Taco Boy, you won't regret it. I had the grilled shrimp quesadilla and it was probably the best quesadilla I have ever had in my life! The restaurant in Folly Beach we visit (pictured above) is very cool in and of itself. It had multiple stories and bar areas with plenty of windows to see the beach in the distance.

Before you start yelling at me, yes I know we have a couple of restaurants of the same name in Michigan already, however, I don't believe they are connected to the ones I'm talking about. The menus look different, but I will definitely have to try them.

The restaurants I'm speaking of only have locations in North and South Carolina. Five locations to be exact. You can find them in Charleston, Folly Beach, and Summerville, South Carolina, as well as West Asheville and Biltmore Park (coming soon,) North Carolina. The only thing missing is a Michigan location. I would die fat and happy if a Taco Boy opened in The Mitten. Until then, I may base my travels south around a stop at one of their locations.

Source: Taco Boy

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