You’d have to be nuts.

A Michigan police force is trying to determine who is behind a heist last week that led to the disappearance of 28,000 pounds of nuts.

The Shelby Township Police Department, the agency overseeing the investigation, has even gone so far as to put a little humor into their attempt to track down the culprit -- posting a mug shot of a squirrel to their Facebook page.

“Note: The squirrel is not a suspect. It's just a picture. Used to draw attention. Please do not call in squirrel sightings…they also have a picture of a pig with lipstick. We think we like them. A LOT.”

However, while it is funny to suggest the job was pulled by a squirrel just trying to get a nut, the property is valued at $128,000, so the owners would like to get it all back.


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