America's birthday is upon us, which means BBQs, fireworks, and a bunch of cops, looking to bust your ass out on the road.  Check out this article and stay safe on those streets.

Nothing ruins a holiday like getting a ticket, or worse, getting arrested.  You can stay out of the police blotter by staying safe on the roads, because Michigan State Police will be out in full effect, looking for motorists breaking any laws, but specifically, speeding, distracted driving, and drinking and driving.

AAA Michigan estimates that 1.5 million Michiganders will be traveling over 50 miles this Fourth Of July, which is up compared to recent years.  Michigan State Police are well aware of the estimation, and will have their departments fully staffed and out on the road.  Police will have a zero tolerance policy in place, which means you could be pulled over for pretty much any infraction, including minor speed violations and problems with your vehicle.

Sgt. Jill Bennet of the Michigan State Police told MLive that, "We're asking all officers working to be out on the road.  We don't want them in the post doing work, we want them out in the field, specifically on the freeways."

Moral of the story is to be careful on the roads.  Nobody wants to spend the Fourth worrying about a ticket, spending the night in jail, or even worse in the morgue.