A Michigan elementary school is making headlines today because a teacher reportedly “got sick” after eating from a plate of marijuana brownies that was left in the teacher's lounge.

According to The Associated Press, law enforcement was called to the Spring Mills Elementary School in suburban Detroit last week in response to an issue involving tampered food. Laboratory results determined that the brownies did, in fact, contain THC.

Officials at the school say that none of the students have access to the teachers’ lounge, so they are confused about how the brownies ended up there. There is an investigation currently underway to find out who is responsible.

Just to clarify, when a news report suggests someone “got sick” from a marijuana edible, what they are saying is that person got really stoned and didn’t know how to deal with the buzz. The teacher who consumed the pot brownie, either by accident or intentionally, was never at any risk of enduring any health issues as a result.

Yet, I'm sure his or her freak out over the incident ruined the fun planned for that day in the teacher's lounge.

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