We were hoping for some good news today from Gov. Whitmer and that's exactly what we got. It wasn't exactly what we wanted to hear but it was pretty close and I'm cool with that.

Outdoor/indoor capacity limits

Gov. Gretchen Whitmer announced today that all outdoor capacity limits would be lifted in Michigan on June 1. She also said that indoor gatherings at event spaces, gyms and casinos will increase capacity from 30% to 50% but those that haven't been vaccinated. will still need to wear a mask.

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All Michigan COVID-19 restrictions to be lifted July 1

Now, this is the news we've really been waiting for. Starting on July 1st, all COVID-19 restrictions will be lifted, including the mask mandate. Can I get a hallelujah?! Whitmer said this would happen unless unanticipated circumstances were to arise but she doesn't expect that to happen. So basically she scrapped all those benchmarks that she had in place for her 'Vacc to Normal' plan.

Governor Gretchen Whitmer:

As Michiganders have stepped up to get vaccinated and the CDC has released new guidance on masks, we are adapting the MI Vacc to Normal challenge to keep up. Starting June 1st, we will be moving forward, faster than excepted, towards a return to normalcy. Soon, Michiganders will be able to celebrate together, have summer weddings and even enjoy a 4th of July barbeque with family and friends. This is what we have all been working so hard towards, and I am so grateful to every Michigander who continues to go above and beyond to keep themselves, their family, and our communities safe. Thanks to them, we can take these final steps towards a return to normalcy and build our economy back stronger than ever.

Because I got my second vaccine a couple of weeks ago, I get to walk around the office without wearing my stupid mask...and it feels glorious.

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