Just eight years after medical marijuana hit the books in Michigan, plans for full, statewide legalization will be put to a vote in 2016.

It's already legal in Colorado, Washington, Oregon and Alaska, now Michigan could be part of the next group of states to go fully legal with marijuana for recreational use.

According to WXYZ, a legalization ballot initiative will be part of the 2016 elections. Since medical marijuana has already passed and several communities all over the state have decriminalized marijuana, legalization is really the next logical step.

Jeffrey Hank, Chairman of The Michigan Comprehensive Cannabis Law Reform Initiative Committee, says the time is right to create, "a responsible tax and regulation system for adults 21 and over, while also permitting the farming of hemp for Michigan agriculture, food and industry."

Legalization would certainly help raise funds for Michigan's rapidly deteriorating roads and underfunded schools and it's much sexier than raising sales tax to correct those issues... although it will probably take the combined revenue of both to get the job done.

So here it is, stoners! This is your 20-month advance warning to get registered to vote. You might just be kicking yourself in the ass until 2020 if you screw this up!