It seems there's a new plan that would put an end to Michigan's bottle deposit law.

According to WDIV, State Representative Joe Bellino introduced the legislation recently. The Monroe lawmaker said ending the 40-year bottle deposit law would boost participation in community recycling programs.

I know this would be a huge problem for a lot of people, not for me personally though. I do recycle my bottles but I don't take them to the store for a deposit return. My friends give me crap for this all the time. It's not that I don't need the money or anything like that, definitely not the case. The fact is I hate taking bottles back more than anything. Every time I go, those stupid machines break down or simply don't work. I get so mad, I would always just leave my bottles sitting there or give them to someone. Hey, at least I still recycle them.

Under the plan, the state’s bottle deposit law would end on Dec. 31, 2022.