Valentine's Day is coming up so start making your plans now.

Valentine's Day for most people consists of chocolates and flowers followed by dinner and a movie. Why not do something a little more fun and extreme this year? Eloise Asylum in Westland has just the thing.

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Eloise Asylum Haunted Attraction is not just a haunted house. The asylum also boasts escape rooms, history tours, and paranormal investigations. This year, Eloise Asylum is offering a two-night-only, immersive, and interactive event for Valentine's Day called "Bloody Valentines at Eloise Asylum."

What does Bloody Valentines at Eloise Asylum include?

Your ticket to Bloody Valentines at Eloise Asylum will take you on a fun adventure through four different floors of the asylum. The events of the night proceed as follows:

  • Guest will start with music and snacks while meeting with the monsters in the lounge on the second floor.
  • Next, you make your way to the third floor to try some interactive challenges with prizes at stake, as well as engage with tarot card readers and fortune tellers.
  • After the third floor, guests head up to the fourth floor, which is the most haunted in the building. There you will have a chance to use real ghost-hunting equipment to search for paranormal activity.
  • Finally, guests will use a forgotten stairway to move to the first floor to through the Valentine's Day-themed Eloise Asylum Haunted Attraction.

How much are the tickets?

Only a limited number of tickets will be sold for this timed experience and will cost you $48 per person for general admission. VIP tickets are also available for $68 each and include access to specialty areas and experiences, as well as a paranormal tour of the infamous Fifth floor and the hydrotherapy room.

Where is Eloise Asylum located?

Eloise Asylum is located at 30712 Michigan Avenue in Westland, Michigan.

Source: Eloise Asylum

Inside the Haunted Eloise Asylum

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